14 Legit Side Hustles from Home: Earn $50/Hour

Legit Side Hustles from Home

Whether you want to supplement your monthly income with some extra cash or are looking for inspiration as an entrepreneur, a side hustle can come in handy.

Even if neither of these scenarios applies to you, a side hustle will help in putting up an emergency fund. A well-paid side hustle also lets you mull over traveling plans that you would shrug off otherwise.  

More than half of Americans have some sort of side hustles. Interestingly, many of them also turn these part-time gigs into full-time work. It shows that side hustles are not just about “some extra cash”. If taken seriously, they can generate a sustainable income stream. 

14 Interesting Side Hustles from Home 

If you are looking for a gig that you can run from home for a handsome amount of cash, read on. We are going to discuss 14 side hustles that pay well, and you can run them from home.

1. Teach Kids Online

How much you can earn: $14-20 per hour

If you have a college degree and there is a subject that you like and can teach on elementary levels, you can opt for online tutoring. Even though you can teach any subject of your choice, teaching English as a second language is more rewarding among all the online tutoring options.

There is a huge demand for online ESL (English as Second Language) teachers. Also, the money is good. Classes are usually held in evenings and nights (due to time zone difference), which makes it a perfect side hustle for a working individual. VIPKid is one of the largest ESL teaching platforms, and you can read a full review here. To teach other subjects online, you should check gogoKid

2. Buy and Resell

How much you can earn: Up to $20 an hour or $100 a day

If you are good with shopping and know how to haggle, buying and reselling could be the best side hustle from home for you. You can shop several items from online garage sales and flea markets that can be sold at a considerably higher price just after giving them little touch-ups. You can use eBay or Amazon selling platforms.

Buying and reselling stuff, if done right, can be transformed into a full-time business as well. Due to its volatile nature, the hourly pay can vary a lot. 

3. Website and App Testing 

How much you can earn: Up to $60 per hour

If you already have a scrupulous approach while using an app or visiting a website, then this side hustle is tailor-made for you. In this testing gig, you will be assigned a website or an app that you will be needed to use thoroughly to find out any potential bugs and glitches. 

In some cases, you just need to test and speak what you think of the interface/features/ responsiveness while recording your screen. In the beginning, you will be paid less. But as you build your profile as a tester, you will start getting more assignments and for better rates.

User Testing can be a good starting point to explore this side gig from home. 

4. Join a Focus Group

How much you can earn: $30-150 per hour

Focus groups are used to carry out market research and assess trends before the launch of a product, app, ad campaign, etc. You can be part of those focus groups and earn money. All you need to do is answer detailed questionnaires or leave your reviews after assessing a product/service. You can become a part of a focus group from home as well.

The hourly earnings in this gig can significantly vary from task to task. For instance, you are likely to earn more if you become a member in a professional capacity (e.g., an owner of a small business, a teacher). 

5. List Any Part of House

How much you can earn: $30-100 per hour

It is one of the easiest and most lucrative side hustles, given that you have some usable space available at your property. You can list your garage, backyard, or even basement for their provisional use. You can also rent out the rooms in the house for tourists and visitors that don’t want to splurge on expensive hotel stays.

Just make your interior presentable with few renovations. You can run this side gig entirely online through platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com. You can earn up to $10,000 by listing your house.  

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

How much you can earn: $15-30 per hour

If you have an organized personality and experience of working in professional/corporate environments, you can opt for the job of a virtual assistant. As the name suggests, you will be assisting an individual, company, or business to run their professional errands. From scheduling meetings to cover online marketing or acting as a liaison between your client and their clients, the job of virtual assistant covers many things.

You can use Upwork and other freelancing portals to find virtual assistant jobs. 

7. Drop-Ship on Shopify 

How much you can earn:  $10-30 per hour

If you have some money to invest, then drop-shipping on Shopify is a side hustle you must consider. In the last 2-3 years, drop-shipping has turned into a lucrative self-employment gig. The other great thing is that you can run it from your couch without being bothered about any of the logistical headaches by only dedicating a couple of hours of your day.

However, you need to how to list products on a website and the dynamics of wholesale and retail pricing. Learn more about Shopify’s drop-shipping here. A decent drop-shipping gig can easily fetch you $1,000 a month.

8. Carry out Facebook Ad Campaigns for Small Businesses

How much you can earn: $20-50 per hour. 

Facebook has become a hotbed for digital marketing and promotions. Big corporations are already making the most of it. However, many small businesses are still catching up on the idea of Facebook marketing. Moreover, many of them don’t have the time, resources, and skills to do it on their own. 

You can become their helping hand by devising and running their Facebook campaigns and earn a handsome amount. With basic internet literacy in your hand, all you need to learn is how Facebook ads work, and you will be fit for this side hustle. You can earn up to $5,000 per month even by doing it part-time. This can be more than just a side-hustle and could turn into a full-blown remote work career.

9. Food Delivery Business 

How much you can earn: Up to $100 per hour

You can run a food delivery business from home, given that you are willing to give a set amount of your time to it. You can start it as a side gig; however, with continuing success, it can be turned into your main hustle. If you are fond of cooking, want to be a chef at some point in life, and can manage online marketing/orders, you can seriously think about this business. 

You can outsource the delivery setup to make it a perfect side hustle from home.  

10. Start a Blog/Page/Account 

How much you can earn: $1-50 per hour

If you think you can write or curate and manage content, starting a blog, a Facebook Page, or an Instagram account can be a suitable side hustle for you. However, you won’t be able to make money from day one. Harnessing a content-driven online platform and increasing its followership takes time. Once you have a platform with sizeable followership and traction, you can promote stuff and run ads on it for a good amount of money. 

11. Become a Proofreader 

How much you can earn: $10-45 per hour

If you are good at reading and can pick up punctuation and comprehension mistakes, proofreading can be a perfect side jam from home for you. You will be paid either for per word, assignment, or per hour. Also, the rates will depend on the type/complexity of the assignment.  You can find proofreading gigs on freelance websites like Fiver and Upwork.

12. Become a Transcriber

How much you can earn: $25-50 per hour

If you can listen to an audiotape and transcribe it, you are eligible to run a side hustle as s transcriptionist. From writing down interviews to documentaries, there are many ways someone may require your expertise to convert audio into written documents. 

Like proofreading, transcribing gigs can also be found on freelancing websites. Since transcribing is slightly difficult than proofreading, you can get better hourly rates. Even as an entry-level transcriber, you can fetch up to $25 an hour.  It’s important to not just make money though, but learn helpful money tips like how to save money and monitor your credit score.

13. Rent Out Your Vehicle

How much you can earn: $10-50 per hour

Just as you can list your house, you can list your vehicle as well. Whether you have a pickup truck, utility hatchback, or a sedan, you can rent it out for hours or a day to make a considerable amount of cash. This side hustle is perfect if your vehicle remains parked in the garage for most of the day. Also, you should consider it if you still have an outstanding car loan.

Turo is an ideal platform to rent out your car. It is a peer-to-peer car-sharing company and works like Airbnb where you can list your car for a potential renter. Turo also covers its listing clients with liability insurance for theft and physical damages to their vehicles.

14. Become An Amazon Affiliate

How much you can earn: $1-50 per hour

Even if you have a surface knowledge of e-commerce and know how to run a blog, you can consider becoming an Amazon Affiliate. The affiliate program by the world’s largest e-commerce platform is free to join. All you need is an online content-based platform (a blog or a website) where you can advertise millions of products available on Amazon

Amazon has kept the linking and monetization mechanism simple so anyone can use it from their personal computers without using purpose-built software programs and needing advanced-level analytical expertise. You can easily make around $1,000 even without taking it as a full-time work.  You can learn about the affiliate program and join it here.


You can make a considerable amount of cash from home or a remote location through these side hustles. As you can see, the earnings from a side hustle can vary a lot. 

From $1 to $100 per hour, you will earn money depending on the nature of the hustle and your dedication and strategy for it. Also, you can turn many of these side hustles into full-time jobs if you want to stick to working from home for the rest of your life.

Earn up to $50/hour working from home

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