• 14 Weird Ways to Make Money (That Actually Work)

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    Weird Ways to Make Money

    This is a guest post by Financial Wolves, a blog about making money with side hustles to help you achieve financial freedom.

    You’ll be surprised to know the kind of things people are willing to pay for. You don’t always have to work hard or smart to get an earning. 

    You can always find some weird ways to make money to bypass that traditional path to making a living. 

    If your regular job just is not cutting it, you could look into these alternative options, so long as you’re comfortable doing it. 

    It could be thrilling too, earning money in these absolutely unconventional ways.

    Most Popular Weird Ways to Make Money

    Here are some of the weird ways you can make money:

    1. Selling Your Plasma

    Your plasma could be worth up to 50 bucks. This fluid from your blood can be used to cure diseases. How much plasma you can donate one time depends on your weight, according to the FDA guidelines. 

    Usually, you must have a weight of at least 110 pounds, and of course, be 18 years of age. This is a bit unconventional, but when you think of it, it’s also noble. You could help cure people of rare diseases. 

    2. Drug Trial

    Pharmaceutical companies often hire people to go through drug trials when they are releasing a new drug. The money can be really good at times; you can make hundreds of dollars in just one day. However, you have to qualify to be in the trial and give your written consent. 

    The downside of going through a drug trial is that it can have side-effects. These drugs are usually being tested to see side-effects. These could be anything from mild swelling to diarrhea, which is why it’s risky.

    3. Expert Content Creators

    This concept became popular because of websites like OnlyFans, where you can share expert content as a fitness expert, a coach, or even as a talented chef. These websites allow you to create content for your so-called ‘fans’, who subscribe for a monthly fee. 

    On such platforms, you can also answer custom requests and send videos for extra money. People have been raking in thousands of dollars a month through similar websites. 

    You can even share video content on YouTube, and if you have enough subscribers and views, you can earn a very handsome amount. 

    4. Rental Friend

    You would start appreciating your friends when you find out how so many people are desperate for friendships. So you basically become their friend for money. There are websites and apps like RentaFriend for this very purpose. 

    On most apps, you can list yourself with your city and some other info. Some people might genuinely be looking for a friend, but that’s not always the case. Nevertheless, it could be a way to earn some quick cash on the side by simply spending your time with someone. 

    5. Selling Your Sperm

    Selling your sperm can get you quite a lot of cash. Many parents who cannot conceive or single women need sperm donors to have children. Depending on various factors like location and your own profile, you could be earning a decent amount with a single donation. 

    Not every man can be a sperm donor. Sperm banks usually follow a rigorous selection process. They look through everything, including your background, ethnicity, education, height, weight, looks, etc. 

    If you qualify, you will have to give a few samples, and those samples will be tested before you can get paid. 

    6. Do Weird Chores

    Craigslist is notorious for having a listing for the weirdest jobs in the world. Someone could ask you to pet their cat for them. Others could ask you to shave their armpits. It’s a whole weird world in the outbacks of Craigslist and other such websites.

    This could be one way to get some quick cash. Rest assured, most of the tasks are quite gross. But if you have the stomach for it, you can make money within an hour.

    It’s a bit risky, of course, so you want to be extra careful when you go to do these jobs. 

    7. Professional Eater

    Did you know there are professional eating contests? A quick search on Google will show you a list of championships across the world. You could simply earn a big cash prize by eating.

    Keep in mind that you would have to eat a lot of food. Most of the time this food is junk food, like burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, etc. 

    If you have a big appetite, this could be something worth trying. 

    8. Hangover Helper

    This is probably one of the most first-world things, but people are hiring other people to be their Hangover Helpers. You can use some websites to provide you hangover helping services. You’d be cleaning the house, making hangover drinks, and breakfast. 

    The money is not that much in some cases, especially considering you’d be doing a lot cleaning and picking after someone’s mess.

    Nevertheless, it could be thrilling to see how wild the party last night was. 

    9. Professional Mourners

    Believe it or not, one can hire people to make funerals more sad than they already are. Professional mourners cry at the funerals and get paid for it. It’s actually a practice in many cultures. 

    It’s downright one of the weirdest ways to earn money. You’ve probably seen memes about funeral dancers online. So the job is not always all about crying after all. 

    10. Chat with People

    There are dozens of chat websites that pay you to chat with strangers. It’s usually video chat but surprisingly is not always sexual. Sometimes people simply want to talk to someone and are even willing to pay for it.

    You can also do webcam to entertain people. Depending on your audience, you could make hundreds of dollars in a single session.

    It’s super easy to make an account and you can use social media to promote yourself. It’s unusual but a pretty sound online job to make some extra cash. 

    11. Sell Your Hair

    Did you know you could sell your hair? There are businesses and foundations that buy real human hair for wigs. Fundations like Wigs for Kids make wigs for children with diseases that cause hair loss like cancer. So it could also be something positive on your part. 

    Some websites also buy hair and depending on your hair quality, you could make a decent amount of money. 

    It’s especially beneficial if you have long hair, so this is something women can do well with. 

    12. Video Game Competitions

    Those unfamiliar with the computer gaming world would be surprised to know that gaming competitions have thousands, and sometimes, millions of dollars as a cash prize. Only the most serious gamers take part in these championships and train for months. 

    The International Dota Championship is one of the most popular. You can find other gaming championships and e-sports leagues online. 

    It’s not weird to make money off gaming, but it’s certainly not as common. It’s becoming more and more common than you think. I’d imagine it to be the normal a few years from now. The good news is that it’s a great weekend job if you already play video games during your spare times.

    13. Weed Subscription

    If you live in one of those states where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes, you can grow your very own weed and start a subscription business. 

    Many people like their weed delivered to them regularly without the hassle of going to a dispensary. It’s simple and quite profitable even if you have just a handful of clients. 

    Most weed subscription services also offer weird accessories like bongs. That’s a real money-maker for them. You can design your own or buy from a supplier to include in your monthly subscription boxes. 

    14. Sell Breast Milk

    This is perhaps a very odd product to sell, but there’s definitely demand for it. You can sell it online on certain marketplaces. The catch is it does not always end up with a baby. 


    If you’re comfortable with these weird ways to make money, you could have a surplus income every month. The good part is many of these avenues are completely discreet, so no one has to know how you’re making this money. 

    Author Bio: Financial Wolves is a blog focused on helping you make more money to achieve financial freedom. After repaying student loans, I’ve shifted my focus to make more money from side hustles, real estate, freelancing and the online economy. Follow us on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

    14 Weird Ways  To Make Money


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