• 4 Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Disney Vacation

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    We can all agree that a vacation to Disney World will make for a memorable time with your family. We can also agree it can be an expensive proposition. The flights, hotels and car rentals alone will add up. When you throw in the park admission and all that comes with that, then you’re looking at a big budget. Fortunately, there are ways to save significantly on your next Disney vacation. Here are four tips to put into action.

    Pick Your Parks

    Disney World Orlando has four different parks to explore. They include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. In order to save money, you’ll want to pick your parks wisely. It would be a huge challenge to go to more than one park in a single day. For instance, the Magic Kingdom sees over 20 million visitors per year, making it the busiest theme park in the world. It might take at least two full days to see all that particular park has to offer. Look into buying multi-day park passes at a discount.

    Pack Your Own Snacks

    The folks at Disney know that once you come into the park, you’re going to stay at the park all day. That means you could be eating three meals, snacking and drinking throughout that day. Knowing that, the park charges a premium for every bottle of water and churro. It might be a good idea to have a nice breakfast outside of the park. Then consider making your own family snacks and bottled water. Not only is it cheaper, but you can make them healthier too. You can still have the occasional treat, but it shouldn’t break the budget.

    Visit During Off-Peak Season

    Ironically, when the park is the most crowded, it is also the most expensive. You would think that they would have a discount if you had to wait for hours in line for a single ride. It can save you on everything if you book your vacation during off-peak season. That would be any time outside of the major holiday season between Halloween and Christmas and spring break. It might be hotter in the summer, but that would be when it is the least expensive.

    Stay Off-Site

    The fun of staying at a park hotel is that you might run into the occasional costumed character over the breakfast buffet and you get to take a monorail to the park. Those “perks” are going to cost you several hundred dollars more than if you were to stay at a hotel “off-site.” Off-site is defined as any hotel near the park but not operated by Disney. Most of these hotels provide free shuttles to Disney World and that means saving on parking. Remember, you likely won’t be spending a lot of time at whichever hotel you book.

    Planning is key to saving money on your Disney vacation. The more you shop around for deals and budget out your activities, the more you can save.

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