• 6 Side Hustles To Earn Extra Cash

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    side hustle extra cash

    No matter your reason for needing more money, side hustles can provide an excellent way to cash in during your spare time. 

    Whether you need a few hundred dollars per month or you’re looking to turn your side hustle into a full-time gig, getting started is the first step.

    In this post, we’ll outline some of the best side hustles you can start to earn extra cash.

    1. Car Detailing

    Washing or detailing cars is a simple side hustle that is a great way to earn money throughout the summer months. 

    You’ll need some basic supplies to get started that you can pick up from many retailers. You can then pitch your services to friends and family or through local neighborhood apps like NextDoor. 

    It’s common to charge $25 to $100 for your services while others might charge an hourly rate. 

    2. Create and Sell Items with a 3D Printer

    Most people will get overwhelmed when it comes to 3D printing. “I’ve never done that. I don’t know how. It’s expensive.”, most people will say. 

    But 3D printing can be much easier than you think. And with vast amounts of online resources available to help you, getting started can be a breeze. 

    While 3D printers are traditionally expensive, you can grab a solid printer for well under $500, perfect for those just getting started.

    You can craft just about any item with some being easier to make than others. For beginners, it’s best to start with simple items like chip clips, sunglasses holders, or phone cases. You can then sell these items online to make money with your 3D printer.

    3. Flipping Furniture

    For those who are even remotely creative, flipping furniture is a perfect side hustle to make extra money on your nights and weekends. 

    By restoring older pieces of furniture and selling them on local classifieds or friends and family, you’re sure to make some extra money. 

    You’ll need to purchase used furniture at a relatively low cost. Then, you’ll need to restore your pieces and sell them to make money. You can read this guide to flipping furniture for more info on everything you need to know!

    4. Start Blogging

    While blogging is certainly no get rich quick scheme, some of the most dedicated will see returns on their time within a year. 

    There are even some blogs that have managed to attract large audiences in just a few months helping them make thousands per month. 

    The best thing about blogging is how inexpensive it is to get started when compared to other businesses. You can get started for as little as $5 per month, or $60 per year to have your blog hosted and your domain can cost as little as $10 annually.

    Growing your blog isn’t always easy, however. It can take a significant amount of time to grow your audience. 

    Be prepared to invest your time into blogging if you want to become successful.

    5. Start a Vending Machine Business

    A vending machine business is an awesome side hustle to complete during any free time you have. 

    Because your responsibilities are somewhat limited to stocking your machines, you can often complete this early mornings or after work hours. 

    The amount of money you can make depends on the number of machines you have and the items you decide to offer.

    This side hustle might require more cash upfront to get started than others, but don’t count it out as you can lease machines making it more affordable in the beginning stages.

    6. Designing & Developing Websites

    For those with the skills, designing and developing websites is an extremely lucrative side hustle. 

    Even better, you don’t need to be a seasoned web developer to get started. In recent years, building websites has become quite simple with many drag and drop webpage builders. 

    Depending on your client’s needs, you can charge well over $1,000 for each website you create. This can easily become a full-time gig making over $40,000 a year!


    Increasing your income should be a piece of your financial journey and side hustles are a great method of doing so.

    Between flipping furniture, building websites, and car detailing, your journey to making 7 figures starts today!

    What’s your favorite side hustle to make money?

    6 Side Hustle Ideas


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