• 6 Ways To Make Money From Your Couch

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    working from couch

    Finding creative ways to earn money from home without a special talent (like an artist) or lots of specialized training (like a web designer) can be a challenge. With a little research, you can make some extra money from the comfort of your living room or dining room. Like in any job, you need to be organized, driven, and have professional communication skills.

    These positions take a minimum amount of skill or training:

    1. Survey taker

    Pop on Netflix, put your feet up, and get to work filling out surveys. This is a perfect side hustle if you need to bring in some extra money to contribute to the budget, pay off some bills, or save for a vacation.

    There are several legitimate survey sites, we like Survey Junkie, LifePoints, InboxDollars, and MyPoints. Each survey can take up to about 10 minutes with payouts from about 25 cents to $5 each. 

    When choosing which site to use, consider the ROI of the time to take the survey versus the payout. Some sites allow a payout as low as $3 but others make you wait until $50 is accrued. Some payouts are in gift cards or credited to your PayPal account.

    2. Virtual assistant

    Help out with diverse administrative tasks online such as fielding phone calls, scheduling meetings, data entry, social media management, and customer service right from the comfort of your home. You can get hired for short-term work, contract work, and recurring projects. Some of the most trusted sites are Upwork, Odesk, Belay and WoodBows.

    Virtual assistants were a key part of the 2007 bestselling book The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Ferriss said he hired virtual assistants to check his email, pay his bills, and run parts of his company.

    Inc.com recommends hiring a virtual assistant to help manage daily tasks and learn how to manage people. Inc.’s post continued: virtual assistants teach you how to give instructions that are easy to understand, what kinds of tasks you should delegate and to, how to be efficient and productive and how to organize and structure a team.

    According to Payscale, the pay range of a virtual assistant is from about $15/hour to about $30/hour depending on experience and location.

    2. Rent your spare room or basement

    If you live by a university or college, you are in a prime location to rent your spare room or basement. If not, other adults are looking for a more affordable living situation. Some seniors like this option as a way to have a small community and save money on living expenses.

    You can get higher rent if you offer a private bathroom with the room or if you can rent out the basement with its own entrance and kitchenette. Make sure to prepare the rest of the house by adding smart locks on the doors and lock up your valuables. 

    Be clear and careful with your advertisement: if you don’t want a smoker, be clear about that. If you don’t want a person who likes to play loud music, say that, too. Also, make sure you create a rental agreement to clarify expectations.

    Some municipalities have rules and restrictions about renting rooms in homes, so make sure you check with your HOA or city government.

    3. Pet sit

    This is a great option if you love pets and your home is animal-friendly.

    “Pet sitting is an ever-growing industry,” Pet Sitters International President and Founder Patti Moran said in a press release. “As PSI’s survey indicates, professional pet-care services are in high demand, and pet sitting is a viable career option with significant earning potential.”

    Our favorite site is Rover.com: you create your profile, include your rates (per night or hour), your availability, and photos of yourself or your family, your own pets if you have any, and the space your canine guests will be staying in. You can also specify what sizes or types of pets you’re willing to watch and whether there will be other animals in the home. It’s free to list your services, and you can accept or reject any request.

    4. Teach English online

    Most places require a bachelor’s degree, a native English speaker and an animated personality to make this online learning successful. Plus, of course, a reliable Wifi. This is a great option to squeeze in some extra cash in the morning before work, after work, or weekends. Most places allow you to set your own hours.

    One of our favorite sites, VIPKid, requires a willingness to teach to students kindergarten through 9th grade. They are a full immersion program so you do not need to speak Chinese. Teachers make $15-22/hour. They are great at breaking down how to make videos and how to teach. You always teach one student at a time and they provide all the teaching materials and talk with the parents. You have to sign a 6-month commitment but you can work as much or little as you want during that time.

    Teach Away, DaDa and Qkids are great companies as well and you can earn up to $25/hour.

    5. Closed caption/transcriber

    There are two types of closed captioning jobs for television and movies: Real-time and offline captioning. 

    Real-time captioning involves live programming, captioning for news broadcasts, sporting events, or anything taking place live. This pays the highest amount. Unlike the rest of these options, this does take some skill and education. You have to be a fast typist, and some places use a stenographer machine and stenographer shorthand. This might be a good option if you are interested in this work and already a fast typist. Some websites boast real-time captioning making up to $100/year.

    Offline captioning is for pre-recorded broadcasts. If you are a fast and accurate typist, and can understand time codes, this might be an option for you.

    On the TranscribeMe website, you can take a test for accuracy. If you pass you can earn money by the hour, starting at $15. Transcriptionists with legal or medical backgrounds are paid at a higher rate. 

    Qualifications usually include a minimum of about 180+ wpm and comfort with computers and technology.

    Whatever way you chose to make extra money, make sure that it fits your schedule and lifestyle. Be open to different and interesting ways to add to your bank account.

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