• 8 Creative Ways to Save on Utilities

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    Looking for creative ways to save on utilities? You’re in luck. There are tons of simple ways to save money on your utility bill. This article is going to share all 8 ideas that you can put into practice to save big on utilities. Take a look!

    How to Save Money on Utilities

    You can save money on utilities with simple changes that you make a habit. These ideas are actionable and they work. You will start to see a difference starting with your next utility bill.

    Imagine if you could whittle a $150 electric bill down to $70!

    What you will love about these tips is that many of them don’t require a lot of effort and you can start trying them out right away. Let’s dive in!

    8 Ways to Save on Utilities

    Save money on your utilities. This is how you do it!

    1. Unplug Appliances Not Used

    When not in use, unplug those appliances! 

    Did you know that even when you’re not using your appliances, if they are plugged into the outlet, they use phantom energy (or vampire energy). So, you’re paying for its energy consumption when you’re not actively using that toaster or blender sitting on your kitchen countertop.

    Try this one starting today.

    Go room by room and start unplugging those appliances and devices you aren’t actively using.

    This means when you leave your family room, unplug the TV. If you’re not using small appliances in your kitchen, unplug them. 

    Here are some examples of electronic devices using phantom energy in your home:

    1. Cable boxes
    2. MP3 players
    3. Coffee makers
    4. Video game consoles
    5. DVD players
    6. Toasters
    7. Blenders
    8. Crockpots
    9. Breadmakers

    The list continues. 

    Make a good effort here and you’ll be rewarded with a lower utility bill next month.

    2. Invest in Smart Power Strips

    A smart power strip lets you connect all your stuff to one strip of outlets.

    For example, in your office, you might plug in your computer, printer, fax machine, shredder, etc.

    When you’re not using those devices, you can turn them all off at once with the flip of a switch on the power strip. You will cut down on energy consumption, save energy and save money.

    Find a smart power strip in your local office supply store, general goods store like Walmart or online in places like Amazon or Best Buy.


    3. Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

    A programmable thermostat lets you set the temperature based on your schedule. That means when you’re away at work during the day, you can set the temperature a little warmer and when you return home in the evening, you can enjoy a cooler temperature.

    This is definitely better than running the A/C in your place all day when you aren’t there.

    Energy.gov says you can save as much as 10% on your utility bill by switching to a programmable thermostat.

    4. Time Water Usage

    Believe it or not, this makes a difference.

    Your water bill is a utility bill and you can save big with some easy changes, like these:

    1. Time showers
    2. Monitor water usage when brushing teeth
    3. Washing dishes without leaving the water running
    4. Wash clothes on a dedicated day of the week

    Give this a try and watch your water bill shrink.

    5. Try Low Flow Fixtures

    Another way to save on your water bill is through using low flow fixtures. 

    Low flow fixtures reduce the amount of water you use. You can invest in low flow fixtures for your shower and faucets which can cut down your water use by as much as 60%!

    Get these fixtures in hardware stores like Lowes or online.

    6. Use Window Coverings

    Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more homes that have no window coverings whatsoever!

    You might think it’s cheaper to not use blinds or curtains but, the truth is, it can be more expensive!


    Well, window coverings help to regulate temperature in your home.

    You can keep your home cool in the summertime by drawing the window coverings and help warm up your place by letting sunshine flow in during winter.

    Bottom line, they just give you a lot more control.

    And, today you can find affordable window coverings everywhere with the best deals found at discount or warehouse stores.

    Save money and embrace window coverings.

    7. Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs
    These are a total game changer.

    Swap out all the lightbulbs in your home or start with the most frequently used items like lamps, kitchen lights, etc.

    Not only will you use less energy but you’ll enjoy replacing your light bulbs less often!

    8. Call Your Utility Company

    Lastly, reach out to your utility provider.

    There are tips and tricks they can share to help you reduce your bill.

    They can also offer no-fee upgrades to help you save.

    My utility company offered to upgrade all their customers’ power boxes to digital for free!

    You never know what’s out there unless you ask.

    Final Thoughts

    This wraps it up! I hope you try one or more of these 8 money-saving ideas to save on utilities. These are simple ways to lower your utility bill and use less energy.

    What do you think?

    Share some ways you’ve saved money on utilities, down below! For more on money-saving ideas and frugal living tips, visit Frugal for Less to learn more.

    8 Creative Ways to Save on Utilities


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