Are Frozen Foods As Healthy As Fresh Foods?

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Today in supermarkets you can find both fresh fruits and frozen fruits, vegetables and berries. Each type of product has its own fans who are at odds with each other and in no way can decide which food is tastier and healthier.

Fresh fruits in our understanding are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, but often it is not possible to find out under what conditions they were grown and whether they are actually rich in vitamins. According to, while modern technologies of freezing allow you to save all the useful and nutrients inside the product. Making a choice in favor of certain products in this context is not that simple.

We have put together some information to help you decide which products deserve to be in your grocery cart.

History of freezing

Food freezing has a long history. People always wanted to keep the taste and freshness of their favorite food. For the first time this idea came to one inventor, Clarence Bardsay. During his research activities, he observed the Eskimos. They fished and laid all the catch on ice. At low temperatures, the fish simply froze.

Bardsay noted that cooked frozen catch is no worse than fresh fish. The researcher decided that in this way you can freeze not only fish, but also other products.

Times go by, and the technology does not stand still. Modern methods of shock freezing of products allow preserving the maximum of useful and nutrients in vegetables, fruits and berries.

Of course, there are some nuances. Sometimes vegetables are poured onto with boiling water before freezing, as a result of which they inevitably lose an insignificant part of their nutritional properties. But it’s important to understand that if you don’t do anything with vegetables, then they won’t also become more useful. For example, fresh green peas lose up to half of vitamin C two days after harvest.

Studies show that freezing does not significantly affect the beneficial and nutritional properties of foods. In some products, even over time, even when frozen, the content of vitamins only increases. Such foods include corn, blueberries, green beans and broccoli.

Frozen foods are different

First of all, it is important to understand that frozen foods can be different. Not all of them are equally useful or, conversely, harmful. Thus, studies show that frozen fruits, vegetables and berries contain almost as many vitamins and minerals as fresh fruits.

But semi-finished products should be abandoned. As a rule, they are prepared from products the shelf life of which has almost expired. Semi-finished products in stores also contain a large number of preservatives, flavor enhancers and other additives that improve the nutritional properties of the product and increase the possible shelf life. It is better to refuse such food for many reasons.

However, not all frozen foods are best excluded from the diet. Those products that are brought to us from distant countries will be much better preserved in frozen form. For example, shrimp. They deteriorate pretty quickly. In Mediterranean countries, they try to cook them the day of the catch, so the only way to deliver them to other countries is to freeze them.

See the contents and ingredients

There is nothing forbidden in frozen foods if you choose them wisely. It is important to remember that frozen foods can be different. Here’s an example. Berries can be frozen without unnecessary additives. Then the label will contain information that only berries are listed in the list of ingredients. But some manufacturers for some reason add sugar to the berries, and you may only find this out at home by examining the label. The first product will definitely be more beneficial, and you can buy it without any doubts.

So, before you buy frozen food, carefully study the information on the package, the composition and expiration date. If all the parameters suit you, feel free to send the product to your cart. Do not worry: in the vast majority of frozen food, all the useful elements and nutrients are still present.

Are Frozen Foods As Healthy As Fresh Foods?

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