• Big Money. The Richest Poker Players in 2020

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    Professional poker is one of the most interesting gambling games of all time. By playing poker, no one can lose their job. But it happens that they lose houses, cars, and savings. Only the lucky few make fortunes. Therefore, they deserve recognition and should be included in this ranking.

    We need to remember that playing poker is associated not only with skills and strategy, but there are certain sets of traits necessary to be a good player. For example, staying calm in stressful situations and bluffing when necessary. If you think you have those features, visit this website and see if you could withstand the pressure. Not everyone can do this! As such, not everyone is a winner.

    The sources of earnings for poker players can go far beyond holding cards. The wealth of the players is not only based on playing poker. After a while, using their presence in the media properly, these people become celebrities, and affiliations with companies bring them a lot of capital. Some of them forget about poker almost entirely, playing only occasionally. Others stick to the game that remains the basis of their personal brand.

    We present some of the richest poker players and their net worth. This breakdown takes into account not only the earnings from poker but also from profitable career management. We also pay tribute to those who could actually boast of a few victories in prestigious tournaments.

    $150 Million – Dan Bilzerian

    His net worth always puts this gambler in the first place. However, this famous former military is more known for his unusual and extravagant way of living, which he is happily documenting on his Instagram.

    Dan’s poker career is not that spectacular as his life. In 2009, he played in the World Series of Poker tournament, which he finished in 180th place, winning $ 36,626. He also posted some unconfirmed claims about winning $10,8 during a single night and declared to have earned $50 for the whole 2014. 

    He has starred in several film productions and is now making money on his fame. Blizerian once announced that he’s done playing poker with professionals, which allows us to conclude that his personality rather than skills attracted his fans. 

    $100 Million – Phil Ivey

    His nickname says it all – The Tiger Woods of Poker. Comparing him to Woods, the world’s most profitable golfer, and # 1 in this sport, means that he is actually pretty good at what he does. 

    He won three bracelets (the most valuable non-cash prize in poker, given to winners since 1976) during one tournament (WSOP 2002). A total of ten in his entire career makes a big impression.

    His strategy is to stare his competitors directly in the eyes. Confusing players like this made him sit at the WSOP Main Event final table many times.

    $80 Million – Chris Ferguson

    His father was teaching game theory at UCLA (University of California, LA). Ferguson himself is a doctor in computer science. Some say that his analytical mind may have taken him so high in the world of poker. We couldn’t agree more.

    By the way, Ferguson said it himself: his mathematical style based on the game theory knowledge made him win the titles. 

    While playing, he hardly moves and looks like a statue. His expressionless look is the best definition of a poker face. As you can see by his net worth, many players lost because of this manipulation technique. Chris is the winner of 6 WSOP bracelets and made a fortune securing his legendary status at the same time.

    $75 Million – Doyle Brunson

    This guy is a true legend. In his career spanning over 40 years, he has managed to obtain a net worth of 75 million dollars. He can be proud of 10 bracelets for his wins in individual WSOP tournaments, placing him in second place for the number of bracelets won by one player. 

    Doyle Brunson is known for having quite weak cards in his hand that earned him two relevant championship titles. Some people see a stroke of luck here, others a clever bluff. Anyway, his career and the fortune he has accumulated the deserved credit.

    $25 Million – Jennifer Tilly

    This rating wouldn’t be full without female representation. Already gifted as a child with a World Series of Poker game, Jennifer Tilly is the right person to convince you that poker is not just for men. As proof, we have some of her achievements here.

    This Oscar-nominated actress, who is also extremely good at the poker table, won the Women’s Texas Hold ’em World Series of Poker tournament in 2005. She brought home a bracelet and a $158,625 win. On September 1, 2005, she won another women’s championship – Ladies’ Night, held as part of the World Poker Tour. Her net worth is around $25 million.


    The money may tempt some, but you need to remember that those top players don’t play to win the game. They are creating a strategic approach, testing different methods, using game theory, and logically playing individual games. This game of intelligent, untamed players requires the development of a strong character. By understanding this, you can become as popular and rich as those mentioned above. So if poker is your passion, do your best to be the next bracelets-winning player!

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