• Celebrate National Nutrition Month with PlateJoy

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    platejoy national nutrition month

    March is a very important month for your health. Thanks to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, March is National Nutrition Month. Celebrated every year, this campaign went from a week-long to a whole month of observance back in 1980 and focuses on the importance of eating healthy and staying active.

    National Nutrition Month is a time to make healthier decisions like paying attention to portion sizes, choosing healthy substitutes for snacks, paying attention to food waste, finding physical activities that you enjoy, and more.

    Eating healthy and participating in this month-long celebration of health doesn’t have to be hard or shot lived. Companies like PlateJoy can help with these decisions and transform them into a lifestyle where you don’t have to think much about it again.

    PlateJoy is a meal subscription plan with a twist. They offer tailored meal plans that give you specific recipes and grocery lists that allow you to have more control over your health and diet. They also do their part for the environment by not packing boxes with dry ice and plastic containers like other meal subscriptions plans. PlateJoy is all about being green has features like their Digital Pantry to prevent food waste which is also part of this month’s initiative.

    With delicious recipes that you’ll love, eating right will be easy. You’ll also love the grocery lists that take the guess work out of meal planning and still allows you to shop at your favorite store with your favorite brands.

    Being healthy might seem like a stressful task at times, especially with the hustle and bustle of life, but PlateJoy is here to help. Check them out today and celebrate National Nutrition Month with pride!

    Take their personalized quiz to start your FREE Trial and Get Started Today! Plus enjoy $10 off your first PlateJoy subscription with code GET10.

    Want to learn more of what PlateJoy has to offer? Find out more at PlateJoy.com.

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