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    make money with airbnb

    I have friends who save for a big vacation for their family by letting their home be a vacation house for other families with Airbnb. They have to invest time and some money into their home initially, but the benefits of a paid-for vacation, plus spending money usually, outweighs the hassle.

    You too can take advantage of an opportunity to make money with your home. Just make some simple adjustments to your home and its vacation time for everyone:

    1. Research how the payment schedule works

    Consider the costs of hosting – including cleaning, higher utility bills, taxes, and Airbnb’s host fee, which is 3% for payment processing. Your guests pay Airbnb’s 6% to 12% booking fees. Make sure you understand Airbnb’s hosting standards for listing accuracy, communication with guests, keeping your reservation commitments, cleaning your place for each guest, and providing basic amenities such as soap and toilet paper.

    2. Check with your local HOA or city for limits with rental properties.

    Also, find out what kinds of local taxes you might be accountable for. You will have to pay federal taxes.

    3. Put a lock on a room or closets

    In this room, you will have your personal valuables that you do not want to be used by the guests. Put in family pictures, and any extra knick-knacks

    4. Declutter your home and update it where you can.

    Go all Marie Kondo on your house and get rid of extras: piles, decor, banking statements, photo albums and put them in a locked room or closet. Try to think like how the house should look when you show it during an open house. Less is more. Take the time to make your home look as welcoming and open as you can by thinking what would an out-of-town guest would want to see and not see.

    5. Deep clean

    It may be worth the price to invest in professionals come in and clean from top to bottom. If not, you might take a day or so and clean like the professionals do: from the top farthest point out. Don’t forget to wipe off the light switches.

    6. Take many photos of your space

    Look for the best angles and make sure you show all of the main spaces. In some large cities, Airbnb might send out a professional photographer to shoot photos of your home for you. 

    7. Make an exhaustive list of the positives of your home

    Are you close to public transportation? Parks and hiking? Community Centers? AIrport? A large downtown? Take the time to carefully (and honestly) write all the benefits of visiting your community.

    8. Effective communication

    Make sure to keep your Airbnb calendar updated with availability. When people message you through this app, make sure you answer quickly and clearly. Some people make a notebook of local attractions and favorite restaurants and tips. Whatever will make the trip more enjoyable for your guests.


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