Here’s Your Ultimate Garage Door Buying Guide This 2020

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Are you in the market for a new garage door? Whether you are building a garage in your new home or replacing an old failing door, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Buying a new garage door is an exciting opportunity to add beauty and value to your home. However, only the right product will provide you the benefits you expect from a new door. Knowing the relevant door functions is crucial in your decision-making. You can also do market research or get valid referrals from friends and colleagues, so you know what brands or companies to trust. 

Your garage door shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. To help you make the best decision for your home, check out this 2020 ultimate garage door buying guide.


The choice of style should depend on your personal preference and home design profile. Picture out how your exterior would look like when a specific door style is installed in your garage. Popular garage door styles include raised panel, carriage, traditional, and contemporary. 

Raised-panel doors are very popular among homeowners because it pairs well to almost any building style. Traditional doors are also a great choice due to its customization and compatibility, while contemporary doors will shine best in modern, art deco, and townhouse homestyles. If you’re going for a mid-century modern, contemporary, neoclassical, Victorian, or oriental vibe, carriage garage doors will work best for you.


The right finish will provide beauty, color, protection to your garage door. There are many finishes available for every door material such as wood, aluminum, steel, and faux wood composite. The construction material used determines the availability of door finishes and colors. For natural wood, you can use stain colors natural, ebony wash, cedar, mahogany, butternut, and dark oak. 

Window panels

If you want to add a personal touch or character to your garage door, choose to install window panels. Windows allow natural light to enter your garage, making the space more usable. There are four main panel designs that are widely available today: carriage house panels, flush panels, long raised panels, and short raised panels. For those who reside in high-wind areas, there are impact-resistant glass windows available for you. 


Choose a garage door material according to the aesthetic and work requirements of your door. The timeless beauty of natural wood will enhance your home’s curb appeal; however, it will require high maintenance to keep its good shape for years to come. Steel and aluminum are highly durable and assist with security in your garage, but they will corrode in areas near the sea. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is fastly becoming everyone’s favorite because it’s easy to maintain and last long. For a more modern garage look, you can choose impact-resistant glass. 


What is the function of your garage? Will you be using the space strictly for housing your cars, for storage, or as an additional living area? Answering this question will let you determine the type of garage door you need to buy. If your garage is an extension of your home’s living space, it’s important to choose an insulated door. This will maintain a comfortable temperature in your garage and help you save energy as well. 


Before you go out to shop for a new door, remember to get exact measurements first. While you can choose to customize a door, it will cost you more than buying standard doors. Standard door sizes vary depending on your garage type, whether it’s a single car or double-car garage. Garage door size also depends on your door opening. If standard sizes don’t fit your door opening, you may need to purchase a custom door.


Don’t forget to check on the product’s warranty offer before making a purchase. Most manufacturers offer a 10 years warranty, but you may also sign-up for extended coverage. When installing your new door unit, be sure to hire licensed professionals to do the job; otherwise, it will void the door’s warranty. 

A garage door is a long-term investment. That is why a top-quality installation is necessary. A DIY job may save you money, but it won’t guarantee the longevity or even the functionality of your garage door. According to Canadian Garage Door Repair Calgary, it is crucial to work with experts when planning to install a new garage door, whether standard or customized. Doing so will not only help you achieve your goals but will also save you a lot of time and avoid costly mistakes. 

On the other hand, a DIY garage door installation can put the safety of your entire property and family at risk. In the case of improper structure installation or lack of essential parts, your garage door may break down anytime, resulting in serious accidents that could harm both your family and expensive car investments.

Garage Door Buying Guide

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