• How to Create a Really Cute Blog Header

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    How to Create a Really Cute Blog Header

    If you listen to too many experts on blogging for too long, all of their advice begins to sound like one long syllable. You’ll come away from the conversation with the idea that creating a successful blog goes something like this:

    • Pick a Niche
    • Write a Few Posts
    • Add a Canned Template
    • Publish

    We can’t choose your target audience or write your content, but we can help you create a smashing first impression of your blog.

    Read on, and we’ll show you how to create a cute blog header. Did we really say cute? Yes, we did—because adorable, enchanting, and winsome didn’t sound right!

    But First A Little Blog Lingo

    Have you noticed the unique language of the blogosphere? You have sidebars, sitemaps, keywords, and tags, to name a few. Two words often confuse people: headers and banners.

    Bloggers use both, but there’s a difference.

    What we’re working on here, headers, appear in the area at the top of your blog. The blog header usually contains your blog name, logo, and tagline. Some blog templates also include social media follow buttons in the header as well.

    Banners appear on websites where you advertise your blog or business.

    Both include a call to action, asking the viewer to come on over to your blog and see what you have to say.

    Your Blog Header Sets the Mood

    When you make an effort to create an engaging header, you’ve taken a critical step toward setting the mood for your blog.

    If you were writing a story, your word choice would set the mood. On a blog, you don’t have time for your reader to “get into the story” by reading your carefully crafted words. Awesome content comes later!

    When people click on a website, it’s all about what they see with their eyes. If the blog header image doesn’t capture their attention, they may click away without ever reading your content.

    A well-designed header lets you use subtle blog design elements to drive your reader’s behavior.

    Bringing Cute into the Picture

    You want the blog header to block out distractions. Distractions include anything on your page that prevents your readers from doing the one thing you want them to do—read your content.

    The problem with headers is if they don’t move, they may not hold the viewer’s attention.

    Movement draws your reader’s eyes and reels them in. Go for fast, flashy, and shiny! Well, maybe not shiny, but animation works.

    Married with the right font and color, it adds an element of cute that your readers can’t stop looking at, and if they can’t take their eyes away, you have more time to get your subtle action clues into their brains.

    You can add text animation for free and reap the benefits of a more engaged reader. 

    Ready to Create a Cute Blog Header?

    We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about your blog header. It’s an essential blog element. 

    We, too, love engaging our readers and invite you to hang out with us a little longer. We’ve put together a fantastic collection of posts we have a feeling you’ll enjoy reading.


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