• How To Have The Most Fun Paying Off Debt

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    Paying off debt would be a dream come true for anyone. But, the process of paying off debt sounds about as much fun as a root canal, right?

    At least, that’s what I thought it was going to be like until I paid off my first debt. Then, I got so excited that I started looking for creative ways to keep the ball rolling. 

    And it worked! Paying off debt became so much fun that I couldn’t stop. 

    The best part is that now I’m 100% debt-free and loving it!

    Now, I’m going to share some fun things you can try to help you enjoy paying off debt just as much as I did.

    9 Ways To Have Fun Paying Off Debt

    1. Keep The Thing You Love The Most

    Here’s a little secret that I learned while getting out of debt — keep spending money on the thing you love the most! The best way to have fun while paying off debt is to not make yourself suffer during the process. For instance, if you’re a hardcore movie or series watcher, then cutting cable or Netflix may make your life seem miserable. So, the better option is to get clear about what truly makes you happy. Then, keep spending your money on that, while ruthlessly slashing the things you CAN live without.    

    2. Visualize The Possibilities 

    Visualization is a fun trick I used to get excited about paying off debt. Start by taking a few minutes each day to imagine your life as if you already achieved your goal. For example:

    • How do I feel seeing money in my bank account?
    • What can I do today that I couldn’t do before?
    • Where can I go now that I don’t have debt?
    • What other goals can I accomplish now that my debt is gone?

    See how much fun that is? And the closer you get to paying off debt, the more of a reality those visions become.

    3. Have Fun Getting Rid Of Junk 

    As organizing guru, Marie Kondo would say that if something doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to let it go! So, paying off debt is a perfect time to declutter both your finances and your environment. Plus, decluttering can be so much fun. You can get the whole family involved. You can do challenges, set timers, race to see who can find the first 5 things to get rid of, and so on. You can even turn on some great music and jam to the beat as you toss out the junk. Best of all, you can sell a lot of your old stuff for extra cash, which can help your goal of paying off debt even faster. Plus, decluttering improves your mood, lightens your spirit, and puts you in a much happier place all around. 

    4. Make Paying Off Debt A Game

    As I mentioned earlier, paying off debt is probably the last thing you think of as being fun. But, the good news is, you can make it fun by turning the grind into a game.  Think about it, we all love to win, right? So, why not create your own debt payoff game! One great way to do that is by using your favorite board game or video game as a guide. Then, create your own levels, missions, points, and rewards. The best part about playing games is that they give us a fun rush of dopamine. And, that helps us feel good, stay motivated, and keep pushing forward to reach that elusive prize at the end. 

    5. Compete Against A Friend 

    If you’re really up for a challenge, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to liven up your journey while paying off debt. Just like playing a game, you can get together with a like-minded buddy or a group of friends and create weekly or monthly challenges. For example, who can save the most money in a month to use for paying off debt? Or, who can pay off their smallest debt the fastest? The fun of trying to outdo your friends will help you stay motivated, hold you accountable, and keep you on track with your goals. Plus, the winner gets bragging rights. And who doesn’t love bragging rights?

    6. Turn a Passion Into Profits. 

    Here’s another great way to have fun while paying off debt. Start by doing something that you love. Then, find a way to get people to pay you for it. For instance, if you love to draw, you can advertise your services online with a simple website or landing page. Another idea is to let all your friends and family know what you’re doing and ask if they know someone who might need your services. The cool thing is that nowadays there are so many options for monetizing your skills. You can create YouTube videos, become an Instagram influencer, or create a simple online course, just to name a few.   

    7. Add-In Rewards

    Rewarding yourself for a job well done is not only fun, but it’s also a crucial part of self-care. Just because you’re paying off debt doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of everything. In fact, adding in rewards is a great way to reinforce better money habits. Treats make us feel energized, and they renew our motivation to keep moving forward. For example, for every $500 that you pay off, treat yourself to something you enjoy (within reason, of course). Maybe that’s a fancy cup of coffee, a bottle of wine, or a new pair of shoes. Whatever the case may be, make sure your budget includes a little fun money. And every time you reach a milestone, don’t forget to reward yourself

    8. Color Away Your Debt 

    While visualizing your life without debt is nice, seeing is believing! And having a tangible tool that allows you to track your progress in a fun way is even better! If you think that coloring is just for kids, don’t be fooled! Coloring charts are an interactive way to document every step of your journey while paying off debt. They keep you motivated by allowing you to see how far you’ve come. Plus, as you begin to color away your debt, you’ll find yourself enjoying the process, getting excited, and wanting to color away more and more.

    9.  Continue Those Free Activities

    If there’s one thing that we all became experts at during the pandemic, it’s finding creative ways to have fun. So, don’t stop now! Chances are that while we were stuck at home, much of our fun was free. For instance, my family dusted off some UNO cards that had never even been opened. In fact, I hadn’t played UNO in years! And my son didn’t even know how to play at first, and now he’s a UNO master, or so he thinks, lol! The best part is that you can use all the money that you’re not spending on outside activities toward paying off debt. Plus, you get to continue having quality time and fun with your family.

    Now Over To You

    So, who says paying off debt can’t be fun?

    And now, you’ve got some great options to help you get you started.

    The rest is up to you!

    Be sure to leave a comment and let me know which action are you most excited to try!

    9 Ways To Have Fun Paying Off Debt

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