• How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

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    Most people spend a substantial portion of their income at supermarkets. In comparison to other retailers, it’s often harder to find big discounts at a grocery store. Nonetheless, these tips can help you save money every week.

    Loyalty Programs

    Find out if your favorite supermarket offers a loyalty or rewards program. It’s usually possible to join for free. You can earn rebates and other discounts when you use a membership card or provide your phone number to the cashier.

    Generic Products

    Don’t hesitate to try generic or store-brand goods. They normally cost less than name brands, and you’ll find that the difference in quality is often imperceptible. Some people even prefer certain generic products, such as pasta sauce or powdered coffee creamer.

    Watch for Sales

    Don’t hurry through the store and pick up the same products on every trip. Take the time to look for sale or clearance tags on equivalent goods that typically have higher prices. Brand-name merchandise can sometimes cost less after these discounts.

    Clip Coupons

    Look for appealing coupons in newspapers and online. Some supermarkets have websites that will let you “load” coupons on your rewards card and automatically receive the discounts when you pay. This speeds up the checkout process.

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    Bulk Packages

    If you can eat the food before it goes bad, consider buying it in larger quantities. You could freeze some items to make them last longer. For example, try purchasing a large can of diced tomatoes and putting half of the contents in your freezer.

    What to Avoid

    Certain items tend to cost far less at other stores. Although some exceptions exist, you’ll probably pay too much if you buy office supplies, batteries or light bulbs in a supermarket. White rice frequently sells at much lower prices in dollar stores.

    The bottom line is that you’ll cut your grocery spending if you use coupons, participate in a rewards program, choose store-brand products, and pay attention to sale prices. Bulk purchases may save money, but you should always compare the per-pound costs.

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