• Menlo Club – Why You’re Definitely Missing Out

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    Menlo Club – Why You’re Definitely Missing Out

    Shopping for new clothes can seem tedious and time-consuming. Driving to the store and trying on new clothes takes hours, especially when you go through all that effort only to realize the store is sold out of your size.
    This is where Menlo Club saves the day. Menlo Club is a monthly subscription service that ships you the hottest brands straight to your door every month. That means no more driving to the store, no more
    waiting in line, and no more worrying about trying to keep up with fashion trends.

    Menlo Club Features

    Menlo Club is different than any other subscription-based clothing company out there. They pride themselves on finely tailoring their clothing deliveries to your own personal style.

    Before you even place your first order, they prompt you to take a quiz which helps them better understand the clothing styles you both like and dislike.

    On average, you will receive two or more pieces of hand-picked clothing that perfectly match your style every month.

    All of the clothing you receive is from top tier brands, such as New Republic, Five Four, and Grand AC. One piece of clothing from these brands is often valued at over $60, so with Menlo Club, you’ll end up saving quite a bit of money each month.

    When you add up the costs of purchasing clothing at a store, money for gas, and time spent shopping for apparel, Menlo Club becomes a no brainer.
    Another impressive feature that Menlo Club offers is the ability to upgrade your membership and earn various perks. This means you can enjoy even more custom content and clothing options year-round.


    Overall, Menlo Club is an excellent choice for saving money, saving time, and staying fashionable all year round. With their exclusive style quiz and high-quality clothing brands, you’re guaranteed to have stylish, long-lasting clothing at a fraction of the price.


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