• 9 Tips for Shopping in Goodwill Stores

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    Goodwill Industries runs a popular chain of nonprofit thrift shops in cities across America. These nine tips can help you find the best deals and right items at the lowest prices.

    1. Visit the store on August 17th, a holiday known as National Thrift Shop Day. Many locations celebrate it by offering special sales. Check the regional Goodwill website for details.

    2. Bring a reusable shopping bag. Most of these stores have already stopped supplying plastic bags or plan to do so in the near future. This will help them cut costs and protect the environment.

    3. If you want a used music CD, look for it near the book section. Don’t forget to check for scratches. You may find inexpensive new CDs on racks near the front of the store.

    4. After you buy a watch at this thrift shop, don’t go elsewhere and pay $5 for a replacement battery. Some Goodwill locations carry low-cost watch batteries; look for them near the checkout area.

    5. You’ll probably find more clothes and housewares on sale if you shop on a Sunday or Monday. Customers can usually spot these items by checking the color of each price sticker.

    6. Learn about percentage-based discounts that local Goodwill stores apply on certain weekdays. For instance, shops in Washington state provide a senior discount of 10 percent on Tuesday.

    7. Remember to create a shopping list. Many people do so before they visit supermarkets, yet they forget to write lists for other stores. This simple task could help you avoid unnecessary trips in the future.

    8. Staff members don’t always test electronic devices adequately. Try to locate an outlet and test them before making any purchases. Be sure to keep the receipt when you buy these items.

    9. Browse the store immediately after employees unlock its doors in the morning. You will have a chance to find bargains by purchasing fresh items before anyone else sees them.

    When you make an effort to follow these tips on shopping at Goodwill, you’ll cut your spending by at least a few dollars during each visit. This advice can also help you save time.

    Tips for Shopping in Goodwill Stores


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