Saving for Your Post-COVID Vacation

Saving for Your Post-COVID Vacation

I suspect many of us have been in lockdown hoping that this pandemic will subside long before our summer vacation rolls around. For those struggling with lay-offs and business closures, the stress has come from thinking of ways to save money and cut costs. One of the best ways to save money is by shopping for zero down car insurance.

Maybe you are wondering just how you are ever going to be able to afford a vacation after this. Or maybe, you are daydreaming about your first destination post-pandemic. Whatever your situation, know that the rest of the world is right there with you. 

The good news is that there are some ways to save money now for your post-COVID trip. Looking forward to that first trip, whether big or small, is still exciting in a world with so much uncertainty. And there are still deals waiting to be had. 

Save Money by Smart Planning 

Make an action plan to start saving money where you can now so that you can get excited about taking a mental reprieve on the beach, in the mountains, or wherever your heart desires, in the near future.

Going on a great trip is still possible, even in light of current financial woes and economic hurdles. Here are eight ways to begin saving for your very first post-COVID vacation.

#1 — Don’t Forget to Check the Cancellation Policy

When you are booking a trip for the post-COVID getaway, be sure to check the cancellation policies for airlines, car rental companies, and hotels. Be sure your fun plans don’t get derailed by unexpected closures. Make sure local restaurants and attractions are accepting visitors and tourists before confirming your plans. 

You would also be wise to verify that different states and localities have loosened restrictions on travel and tourism before making your plans. In the U.S., states are easing and ending the stay-at-home orders at different times. Make sure your destination doesn’t have extra restrictions of which you’re unaware.

Look into travel insurance. Even though you may not need it, this pandemic has proven that you can’t be too cautious. Be careful, though; the most inexpensive and too-good-to-be-true deals may also have the biggest risk. 

#2 — Find the Deals

Many countries, including the U.S., are anxiously trying to rebuild the tourism industry. People are looking for the opportunity to recoup financial losses felt during the pandemic. As such, many places are offering deep discounts to travelers. 

It may be that your favorite beach is still closed for the foreseeable future, or maybe it is opened but with strict regulations on tourism. In that case, be open to visiting new places and creating an exciting new adventure. Be willing to go where the deals are.

Look at all the potential deals including attractions, hotels, restaurants, and amenities. Then go where you can get the best bang for your buck. 

#3 — Travel-Share a Vacation

Cut your travel costs by sharing a vacation with close family and friends. This is a great way to reconnect after the quarantine and will save you money on your trip. You can divide the cost as per-person or per-family. Either way, your savings will add up. 

If you are traveling by air or on a cruise ship, it likely won’t save you money on transportation costs, but you will see savings in other areas. 

#4 — Stay Close to Home

Consider making your first post-COVID vacation destination close to home or at least within a day’s drive. Help to revitalize the travel industry in your own neck of the woods. 

Ask local destinations if there are any discounts for locals who want to take advantage of their close-to-home vacation spot. 

#5 — Length of Stay

If you are anything like me, a week’s vacation is seven days of peaceful bliss away from the hustle and bustle and away from work. But consider taking a four-night, three-day trip to save on costs and test the waters at first. 

A shorter trip initially may be just enough time to recharge and refresh your mind. Then you can start saving for your next adventure once you are confident that the pandemic has passed. 

#6 Pack Your Own Food

Find a hotel that has a kitchenette and take your groceries with you. Plan for meals in advance of your trip and get your groceries from home before heading out. 

That way you know what to expect money-wise, and you don’t have to worry about stores being out of stock of the items that you need.

Cut Spending at Home Before the Vacation

Financial woes are at the forefront of our minds right now. Many are scared about paying bills, and few people are even considering much less saving for a vacation. So, create a workable budget that your whole family can get on board with. 

Look at your monthly bills. Contact utility providers and ask about ways to save on your monthly bills for the time-being until life returns back to a new normal. Ask about the areas where you can cut spending. 

Scrutinize your grocery bill. It may be that you cut out some of the junk food and do some meal prepping. Choose less expensive meal hacks and healthy recipes so that you have extra money left in your meal budget at the end of the month that can be added to your trip fund.

It’s likely you haven’t spent much in recent months on entertainment or gas due to being quarantined. So the money that you would normally set aside for entertainment and discretionary spending can be added to your trip fund. 

#7 Sell Your Junk

There is no time like the present to clean out those closets and storage rooms. Anything that you haven’t seen or touched in a year is good to get rid of. 

Look into selling online through social media marketplaces like Facebook or another low cost/free platform. Set up an online yard sale, and use the money you make to put in your travel fund. 

#8 Use Side-Hustle Funds to Pay

Now more than ever people are using their side-hustle to make money from home. But they are awesome for more than just paying bills. Side-hustles can also be used to finance vacations and entertainment. 

If you can live off of your regular income, then put away your gig earnings to help pay for your vacation. Commit to putting in the time to maximize productivity in order to make that happen. It will definitely be worth it once you’re relaxing on your vacation after the pandemic.

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Robyn Flint writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, She is a licensed realtor, a freelance writer, a published author, and an entrepreneur. Robyn is the mother of three and grandmother of three. 

How Save For Your Post-COVID Vacation

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