• How Much Does Smile Direct Club Cost?

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    What is the cost of Smile Direct Club?

    For decades, those who want to improve their smile had no other choice but costly orthodontic care and doctor visits. With the painful adjustments, monthly orthodontist visits, and braces, it was all an expensive bill for people to cover.

    Smile Direct Club has changed both the access and cost of teeth alignment. With a simple initial visit, everything else comes to you. Without the costs of monthly dentist visits like braces or Invisalign, Smile Direct is able to offer the same teeth straightening results and at a better price.

    Even better, with direct savings and other easy ways to pay, Smile Direct Club offers options to make it more affordable for customers to achieve their goal of a beautiful smile and healthier looking teeth.  

    With the cost Smile Direct Club and different coupons, there is a simple break down.

    Smile Direct Club offers two easy pay options: Single pay and Smile Pay. Single pay is offered at the low, flat price of $1,850, while SmilePay is only $250 down and $80/mo for 24 months.  

    Impressions: $49 or FREE

    Treatment: There are no forms or credit checks to be filled out. $1850 or a down payment that will cost $250 and $80 monthly for 24 months.

    Retainer: $99

    Smile Direct Club is completely on the customers’ side. If the alignment is not correct or you are not happy about your aligners within the first 30 days, all the payments made will be refunded.

    With DealTaker you can get Smile Direct Club coupons for deals, low prices, and free initial visits.



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