Stretch Food With These 5 Meal Stretchers

pasta and rice

Slash grocery bills and still serve hearty, satisfying, and nutritious meals by using these foods, which are the top five meal stretchers.

So many people to feed, so little food. Happens in kitchens all across this great land of ours every day. These tops five meal stretchers will help you stretch food further to feed more people plus lower the grocery bill too.

1. Pasta is Number One Meal Stretcher

It’s no wonder pasta is the number one meal stretcher, it’s cheap and comes in so many shapes, sizes, and even flavors, that pasta can please every family member. When pasta s used as the main ingredient of a meal, it can stretch a little meat and sauce a long way.

Toss cooked pasta with herbs, a cheese or tomato sauce, then top with a little cooked chicken, turkey, or ground beef for an inexpensive weekday meal.

2. Cooked Rice Stretches Food

Rice makes a perfect bed for steamed vegetables and can make a few vegetables into a full bowl of food. Leftovers can be re-vamped by serving on a bed of freshly cooked rice, or a single serving can of beef stew, or beef soup can be stretched to feed more than one person when served over rice. Rice is also a great filler food for tacos, burritos, and wraps.

3. Canned Salmon is Protein Rich

Canned salmon is a cheap alternative to fresh salmon, and the canned variety still contains all the good-for-you omega-3s. Canned salmon is a cheap source of protein when used as a meal stretcher. Crumble canned salad to top a salad or pasta. Fold canned salmon into omelets or add to chowder. One can of salmon be stretched to feed several people by adding a binding ingredient ( like an egg) and dry ingredients (like flour or bread crumbs) to create fried or baked salmon patties.

4. Canned Beans are Low Fat Protein Source

Canned beans are high in fiber, low in calories, and are a source of protein. Canned beans can be used to replace some of or all of the meat in soups and chili. Canned pinto beans can be mashed to use as a meat replacement of filler food in tacos, burritos, and wraps. Add canned red beans to cooked rice to create a filling, protein-rich food that will feed the family and save the grocery budget.

5. Canned Vegetables are Nutritious Meal Stretchers

Canned vegetables can be served as-is, heated right out of the can, and served as a meal stretching side dish. Canned vegetables can be added to soups and stews to make them stretch farther, or add bits of leftover chicken into the pot while heating canned vegetables for added flavor and protein. For a quick, satisfying, vegetarian meal, serve canned vegetables over cooked rice.

Stretch Food With These 5 Meal Stretchers

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