• 8 Ways to Save Money When Eating at Restaurants

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    Ways to Save Money When Eating at Restaurants

    Eating at restaurants alone, with a date, or your family is fun and exciting. Dining outside is a great bonding experience, saving you time and effort to do all the grocery shopping for the ingredients and cooking the meal. However, accumulated restaurant receipts in a month might shock you because of expensive costs. 

    It’s a good thing that coupons can help you save money when dining at your favorite restaurants. But how can you take advantage of these discounts?

    In this post, you’ll learn in detail how can save money when eating at your favorite restaurants.

    1. Use Restaurant Coupons

    Restaurant coupons comes at various fixed price off or percentage off discounts for a meal or menu option. While restaurant coupons can be found in flyers, newspapers, and magazines, they are also available online, through email upon newsletter subscription or through dedicated online coupon websites.

    Here are some other ways to find and use restaurant coupons:

    • Food Apps: Food apps are used for advertising. Restaurant owners partner their restaurants with leading food apps which is accessible to the consumers through their smart devices. The most powerful weapon used to promote a restaurant is the internet. Check customer-friendly food apps, and you might just find free coupons and big discounted rates on your favorite food. 
    • Social Media: A lot of people use social media to connect with the world. But did you know that it’s also a great platform to source amazing discount codes and deals? Restaurants have their own official social media accounts to boost their foot traffic. You’ll find restaurants which regularly display coupons and available discounts to promote their products and services. Some restaurant owners even hire a social media marketer who can promote all the restaurant coupons to attract customers. 

    2. Dine Out on a Budget

    It’s easy to give in to your food cravings, which can also easily pile up your restaurant bill. Therefore, dining out on a budget is highly recommended. While you can splurge yourself with good food, make sure to watch your weekly or monthly budget to save money for other important things. 

    Here are some tips when budgeting your money for dine outs:

    • Go for Family Size: Instead of an individual platter, it’s advisable to opt for the family size serving if you plan to dine out your whole family or group of friends. Aside from saving big bucks, you’ll also get to eat more serving portions and enjoy delicious food until you’re full and happy.
    • Scheduled Trips: It’s important to schedule your dine outs based on your budget. For instance, if your set budget is $500 for a month, divide it on the number of times a month you want to eat outside and stick with it. For special occasions, you can put a ceiling on the amount of budget for a certain month. 

    3. Try Something New 

    You can save money when eating at restaurants by trying something new. Sticking to one restaurant may cost you more because of the pricey menu. So why not try a newly opened restaurant and give your palate and pocket a chance to find new opportunities and more savings?

    4. Compare and Choose

    There are a lot of review websites you can check to compare different restaurants. Look at the feedback or comments of previous and recent customers, including the photos they uploaded online. 

    Here are the things you must look for when comparing restaurants, you want to try:

    • Check the Prices: Review websites usually provide a summary or detailed list of restaurant menus prices. While the quality of food and service are important, it is important to check the prices to ensure you can afford it without being surprised at the bill.
    • Compare the Food: It’s important to compare the servings or proportions, ingredients, and other menu details to know what you’re getting for in a price you see for each menu. 
    • Assess the Service: Choose restaurants with excellent customer service. You probably heard about restaurant nightmares of poor services, such as too long waiting time, and unresponsive or unfriendly staff.

    5. Take Advantage of Reward Cards

    Restaurants usually offer reward cards to keep their loyal customers coming back. If your favorite restaurant offers reward cards, immediately grab it so that you can get a discount every time. A 5 or 10 percent discount every time you use a tour reward card makes great savings in a year.

    Here are some tips when to use special incentives of reward cards:

    • Know When to Use Points: Reward cards tend to accumulate points. Therefore, it’s advisable to use points at the end of a quarter or a year. In this way, you can enjoy one or two dine outs for free, intended for a special occasion. 
    • Determine Expiry Dates: Most pointing systems don’t have an expiry period, and most cashier staff would remind about the validity period of the reward points. However, it’s still best to ask about the expiry date of your earned points so you can use them.
    • Talk to Your Credit Card Provider: Credit card providers usually offer rewards. They are partnered with popular restaurants, and you can use your points to eat at your dream restaurants. 

    6. Be Nice to the Staff and Restaurant Manager

    It’s nice to be friendly with everyone, most especially to waiters and waitresses, and the restaurant manager or owner. Apart from making sure your food is served you in the best presentation, the staff offers you a welcoming aura, so it’s only civil to behave appropriately. In some cases, it can give you free vouchers and good deals.  

    As a loyal and friendly customer, a manager might give you a special discount offer for special occasions, like their anniversary or your birthday. It’s a good idea to give them a ring before going there with your family and make a reservation for any event celebration. As a sign of gratitude, a sensible restaurant owner will even prepare a huge surprise or give your special someone a freebie. 

    7. Save on Food 

    When eating at restaurants and you have leftover food, it’s advisable to take them home to save on food. You can bring them home and eat the next day after microwaving or reheating it. Just make sure to refrigerate it as soon as you get home. It’s possible to make a new recipe out of leftover food too.

    Don’t waste food because many people are suffering, hungry, or deprived of good food around the world. By bringing your leftover at home, you avoid wasting food and ensure the hard work of farmers are paid off. Now more than ever, people must be responsible, who are also concerned about the environment and their fellowmen.

    Here are some ways to turn leftover food into new recipes:

    • Chicken: It’s a versatile food that is usually a leftover in dine outs. With shred leftover chicken, you can enjoy taco at home that is served with pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole. Also, you can make an easy salad by topping it with greens, chopped veggies, and nuts.
    • Steak: You can stir fry leftover steak with a veggie that you and your family will love. Also, you can make veggie fajitas, tossing in sliced steak, or trying delicious quesadillas.
    • Pasta: Pasta can be paired with a tasty sauce or adding little extras such as shrimp.

    8. Save More: Try BBQ Recipes of Your Favorite BBQ Restaurant

    Don’t you have time, or are you restricted from dining out? You can save more money by trying out a BBQ recipe of one of your favorite BBQ restaurants in Brooklyn, NY. The ingredients for this barbecue recipe include beef brisket, Creole seasoning, olive oil, hickory wood chips, paprika, kosher salt, granulated garlic, granulated onion, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, dried oregano, dried thyme, ground cumin, and sugar.

    Here’s how to cook the recipe of a BBQ restaurant in Brooklyn, NY:

    1. Mix all the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl to make the batter, and then store it in a tight-fitting plastic container. Set aside. 
    2. Dump six cups of hickory wood chips to prepare the brisket into a bowl. Cover it with water and soak for 30 to 50 minutes. Pull off and fire the grill rack. While the brisket is heated, needle all overusing a fork. Mix the oil and Creole seasoning and sprinkle it all over the brisket. 
    3. After 30 minutes, the grill temperature should be 225 degrees. The best chefs check the grill temperature every hour and make necessary adjustments. 
    4. The brisket is usually grilled for three hours for the smoke to penetrate the meat. Using foil, wrap the brisket tightly and return to the grill. Doing this will seal the succulence of the meat at 175 to 180 degrees internal temperature. It will take another three to four hours to cook the brisket. 
    5. You are now ready to slice the meat thinly, pour the savory roasting juices, and serve with warmed BBQ sauce. 


    Most of us are so used to dining out that we can’t even imagine skipping it from our routine. In this regard, we often get out of budget. Therefore, to keep the budget in check and save on dining out, the above-mentioned ways can be used. You can dine out while going easy on your pockets!! Comment below and tell what else tricks you use to save money when dining out.


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