What Is A Car Insurance Number?

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In general, reading car insurance can be pretty tricky especially if you are reading it alone with no on to help you with it. What about your insurance policy number? 

Most people don’t even know its importance nor how to go about it.

There are a lot of numbers and information buried in a car insurance policy, and it’s easy to skip the insurance policy number.

But it’s this number that links you with your insurance policy to the insurance company.

We all have a social security number of living as citizens in the United States.  This number is unique to each of us, and when this number is assigned, it represents who we are. The same applies to your insurance number since it represents you and your policy in the view of an insurer.

Insurance companies are not the same; therefore, the policy number differs from a different insurance company. 

So let’s dive into what a car insurance policy number is and its importance.

What is a car insurance number?

A car insurance policy number is an identifier assigned by an insurance company a car insurance policy.  An insurance company assigns an insurance number to a policy as soon as you have taken out insurance. The number, the length of which varies depending on the insurance company, is shown on your insurance card.

Your car insurance number is the number that your insurance company takes to identify your account. Some of them may generate a policy number that consists of numeric digits only, while others may depend on letters. 

If you have multiple cars, you can list all on one card, or have a different card for each vehicle.  In the latter case, it is likely that only the last number to be different among vehicles.

Where can I find my car insurance number?

You can find your insurance number on your registration page, your vehicle insurance card, your invoice, or any other mail you have received from your insurer.

However, if it can’t be found there, ask your insurer. Your insurer will be able to tell you where the insurance number is.

If none works, then check your profile on the insurer’s website or their application on your smartphone, as both must also contain the insurance number information.

When do I need my car insurance number?

  • After an accident

After an accident, you usually pass the insurance number on your insurance card to the other person. With the number, the other party can call your insurer and make a claim. If the accident were severe, the insurance number would be exchanged between the involving drivers. The information is submitted when contacting the insurance company 

They will also provide their insurance card to the police and when filing a police report. It’s a good idea if the police get to the scene of the accident early because the police report can serve as a solid record of what happened and where it happened.

  • If  you were pulled over by a police

You must be able to give your insurance number to the police if you were asked of it. The police will check that you comply with your state’s mandatory insurance protection laws.

  • When contacting your insurer

Your insurance company asks for your insurance number each time you interact, for example, when you call to inquire about your policy or to cancel it entirely.  Though, the insurance company can usually search for your insurance number using other information, such as address or social security number.

  • When registering a vehicle

Also, government agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can check whether you have the necessary insurance by getting your insurance number and check with your insurer whether your policy hasn’t expired. 

When do I need someone else’s insurance number?

The most common is when involved in an accident, and you need to ask the other driver for his or her car insurance policy number, regardless of who is to blame or how serious the accident is. Giving them yours may make them willing to give theirs also.

In case you have difficulty reading their insurance card, take a picture of the card given both the front and back. This also ensures that you get all vital information other than the insurance policy number. But you can write their full name and phone number somewhere.

After the accident, use the other driver’s insurance number when calling your own insurance company and the other person’s insurance company to begin submitting a claim.

Bottom line

If you still have any difficulty, you can ask your insurance agent for help. One of the crucial things to consider comparing Amica vs. State farm is that Amica doesn’t use a local agent, which can be very helpful in this situation.

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