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    2 pack Velveeta Original Cheese 32 oz. Box $10.01 (Reg. $14.51)


    (2 Pack) Velveeta Original Cheese 32 oz. Box
    $10.01 $14.51
    Kraft Velveeta Cheese is a delicious low-fat cheese option. Velveeta is a processed cheese product that has a longer shelf life than regular cheese, and it melts smoothly and easily when it’s cooked. A soft, creamy texture makes it an ideal choice when you are preparing grilled cheese sandwiches, or using it as a base in dips and sauces. Velveeta has 1/3 less fat than regular cheddar cheese. Velveeta Cheese Pasteurized Recipe Cheese Product Original. Melts better and 45% less fat than cheddar cheese! A premium quality product.