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    Argee 5 Gallon Black Bucket, 10-Pack $29.92


    WAS $48.00

    Safely store or carry tools, home items or gardening equipment in this versatile Argee Black 5-Gallon Bucket. The sturdy design will not bend or flex when you are transporting heavy items. It has a reinforced upper rim and is manufactured from high-quality plastic. This black 5-gallon pail is easy to spot in the garage or storage shed. Use this item to store and organize fertilizers, yard sprays, sports equipment and so much more. It’s ideal for small outdoor spaces for patio-sized plants or hydroponic gardening projects. The top of each heavy-duty 5-gallon bucket includes an attached metal handle with a thick 75-mil hand grip for added comfort when carrying. This item is available in assorted sizes and colors. Each set contains a 10-pack.

    Sturdy design will not bend or flex while carrying tools or other heavy items
    Reinforced upper rim
    Manufactured with high-quality plastic to create an all-purpose container
    Black 5-gallon pail is easy to spot in a garage or storage shed
    Ideal to use for storing fertilizers, yard sprays or sports equipment
    Compatible for growing vegetables on patios or hydroponic gardening projects
    Metal handle includes a plastic 75-mil thick hand grip for added comfort
    Heavy-duty 5-gallon bucket comes bundled in a pack of 10

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