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    Gears 5 Collector’s Edition Jack Drone $75 | Reg. $199.99

    $199.99 $75.00

    This whole package is all wrapped up in a DBi drone crate Collector’s box – a perfect addition to your Gears 5 collection!

    Contains a Six Axis Gyroscope Flight System with multiple flight modes, including Hover Mode for novice Drone Flyers.
    Contains popular drone functions including, Auto Take Off, Auto Land, and Return Home.
    Contains LED lights for authentic Gears 5 Jack experience
    Built-in Camera that captures both Photos and Video
    Drone Controller included for precision flying.
    Dedicated Smartphone app for photo and video capabilities.
    Comes with two Lithium Ion Battery Packs with USB charger. One extra battery pack for double the Flight Time.
    Custom display stand included with iconic COG design.
    Packaged inside DBi drone crate Collector’s box, Special Edition packaging.
    Collector’s Edition- only, curated collectibles also in the box include; Baird ID badge with Lanyard, DBi Patch, Jack Schematic art print, and collector’s DBi booklet.