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Take control of your migraines with affordable medication and ongoing support from Cove. Migraines are a serious chronic health condition. That’s why Cove pairs you directly with a licensed doctor who can work with you to identify the best treatment plan for you. Cove offers both acute and preventative medications, which can be prescribed individually or together depending on your personalized treatment plan. Get the best most up to date and validated Cove coupons from DealTaker.

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Find more deals at Cove

Expires: No Expiration Date

    First Month of Medication Free

    Starts: 09-23-2019 0:00 UTC

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    First Month of Medication Free

    Starts: 09-23-2019 0:00 UTC

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    $15 Online Consultation

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    $15 Online Consultation

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Cove FAQs

Where can I get a Cove coupon?

Cove offers their first month of medication free. Just click the FIRST MONTH OF MEDICATION FREE coupon above.

What types of headaches does Cove treat?

Cove specializes in treating migraine. They do treat chronic migraine on a case by case basis, as well as less common types of migraine, such as vascular migraine and basilar migraine. In addition, they also treat cluster headaches on a case-by-case basis. Currently, they’re not treating tension headaches.

How does Cove work?

Cove offers FDA-approved migraine treatments (both acute pain relief and preventative) as well as ongoing support and education. The first step is getting started. They’ll ask you to answer a few questions about your migraine history and use that information to recommend one of our 30-day treatment plans.

After purchasing your recommended plan, you’ll begin the consultation process with one of their licensed physicians. During this step, they’ll ask you for more in-depth questions that your doctor will use to prescribe you specific medications within your treatment plan. Most people complete this step within 10 minutes.

As soon as your doctor determines the best medications for your migraine, you’ll receive an email asking you to approve your treatment plan (or discuss adjustments with your doctor). Once you approve your plan, your order will be shipped to you within 5-7 days.

Your migraine treatment subscription plan will refill every 30 days so that you never run out of treatment when you need it!

How old do I have to be to use Cove?

You must be 18 or older to use Cove

Can I use insurance to pay for Cove?

Cove is an entirely self-pay service and insurance is not accepted for the medical consultations or the products. Cove’s prices are typically much less than the cost of what you’d pay at your local pharmacy, and Cove provides both medical and customer care services.

We recommend that you ask your benefits provider if you have any additional questions.

Can I use my own pharmacy?

Yes, Cove recognizes patient freedom of choice and always allow patients to select their own preferred pharmacy if they choose to no longer use Cove. If you prefer to have your prescription sent to a specific pharmacy, simply email Cove at and a Cove Customer Care Specialist can provide you with instructions. 

Note: Cove cannot guarantee the prices of other pharmacies, and they may be more expensive than when you have your prescription filled through our partner pharmacy, Eagle Pharmacy.

Am I eligible to use Cove?

The Cove telemedicine service is available to 18 and older customers in most of the United States. Our list of active states will be updated and expanded over time.

How do I contact my Cove doctor?

Your Cove doctor is available to answer any of your questions and will respond to any messages as quickly as his or her schedule permits. You can message your doctor through your Cove account.

Why don’t I need blood work or a MRI to use Cove?

Cove works with leading neurologists to develop their diagnostic consultation. Migraines are different for everyone and while many people do not require imaging or other testing, if a customer exhibits symptoms that indicate migraines might not be the source of the headache, Cove doctors will recommend they proceed with that type of testing (which is currently outside Cove’s services).

Can I speak to my Cove doctor on the phone?

Yes. A care specialist can schedule time for you to speak to a doctor whenever you need. Simply email Cove at to set up a time. You can also message your doctor 24/7 directly via their secure messaging system.

Can I speak with a pharmacist?

Yes. If you need to speak with a pharmacist, please call 855-748-2663.

How can I provide feedback on my Cove doctor?

You can provide feedback on your doctor by emailing Cove at and your feedback will be passed to our medical team.

In order to provide feedback to the board of medicine, please see the state medical board site for specific instructions on how to contact the board.

How can I share my medical record with my primary care doctor?

You have a right to a copy of your complete medical record. Upon your request, Cove will provide you with a medical record or other report containing an explanation of the treatment provided by your Cove physician, as well as the physician‘s evaluation, analysis, or diagnosis, as appropriate, of your condition. You can then share this medical record with your primary care physician.

Does Cove replace my primary care doctor?

Your Cove consultation is designed strictly to diagnose and treat your headaches and does not replace your regular doctor. Our Cove doctors recommend you visit your primary care physician for a regular check-up every year.

How long does it take for my doctor to complete my migraine consultation?

Our doctors typically complete consultations within a few hours and will always complete consultations within 48 hours. You’ll get an email letting you know when they’ve completed your consultation.

What is anti-nausea medication for migraine treatment?

Anti-nausea medication, such as Metoclopramide and Ondansetron, reduces nausea and vomiting that can accompany severe migraine. They are usually taken along with a pain reliever, as they do not reduce migraine pain on their own.

What are beta blockers for migraine treatment?

Beta blocker medications, such as Propranolol and Metoprolol, decrease the effects of stress hormones on your heart and blood vessels, helping reduce both frequency and intensity of migraine. While typically prescribed for high blood pressure, research shows they’re also effective for migraine.

What are antidepressants for migraine treatment?

During a migraine, serotonin levels plummet. Antidepressant medications, such as Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline, help prevent migraine from happening as frequently by maintaining a healthy serotonin level.

What are anticonvulsants for migraine treatment?

Anticonvulsant medications, such as Topiramate, help alleviate migraine symptoms by calming overactive nerves in your brain. While they are typically used to prevent seizures caused by epilepsy and other conditions, they’ve also been proven effective for treating migraine.

What are NSAIDs for migraine treatment?

NSAIDs are commonly-used pain reliever medications that help ease migraine as soon as they start. These anti-inflammatory drugs relieve pain and support healthy blood flow.

What are triptans for migraine treatment?

Triptans are medications such as sumatriptan, rizatriptan, zolmitriptan, naratriptan, and eletriptan that reduce inflammation and constrict blood vessels to provide immediate relief during a migraine.

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